• There has been a rise in mental health challenges
  • The guidelines aim at offering support to employees facing mental health challenges
  • Mental health challenges affecting productivity in work places

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with partners on Thursday launched National Guidelines on Workplace Mental Wellness which aim to empower organizations to foster mental well-being, prevent mental illnesses, and offer vital support to affected employees.

In addition the guidelines will also  provide recommendations for interventions to safeguard the mental well being of employees, managers/supervisors and organizations.

The Ministry noted that the rise in mental health challenges has significantly affected the productivity and performance of our workforce.

According to Acting Director General for Health, Dr. Patrick Amoth, an average adult spends 35 hours a week at work and is experiencing at least one mental health condition.

“Workplace mental wellness has been a priority issue in the last few years. Strategic approaches to a healthy work environment involve promotion, prevention, support and care” he said at the launch that was graced by key government stakeholders.

He observes that mental well-being is critical for creating a healthy working environment.

A representative from the Police department hailed the move as it will be important for the police officers due to the nature of their work.

Mental health programs have been implemented at the National Police service as well as at the directorate of criminal investigations

Lukoye Atwoli, a Professor of Psychiatrist, speaking at the launch noted that it’s our responsibility to do everything to de stigmatize suicide, and equally important to talk about mental health issues in our homes, schools and work places .

The month of September is suicide prevention month that aims creating awareness on the same.

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