Government Launches Program to Fight Mental Illness Among Youths

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By Allan Otieno

Drunkenness, bipolar and stress are some of the major causes of mental illness among youths.

This is apparently the conversation going at Mental Health Wellness week in Two Rivers, an event organized by the government through National Youth Council.

NYC Chief Executive Officer Roy Sasaka Telewa says stress among youths is real and the situation is as dire as of the coronavirus.
He says the move to have the event will give youths platform to engage mental experts including, psychologists, counsellors among others.
“We have excess spaces for our young people where young people can go have an interaction with actually certified counsellors and have a conversation about their mental wellness.
As National Youth Council we are happy that all of us are stakeholders so there is need to come together and champion mental wellness,” said Roy.
The event will run to the 26th of February.