Government Releases Ksh. 4 Billion Inua Jamii Money

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The government through the ministry of labour and social protection has released Ksh. 4.3 Billion for payment to beneficiaries enrolled in the cash transfer programme dubbed Inua Jami program.

In a statement to newsrooms from the Labour Ministry has stated that beneficiaries will start receiving their cash  this week.

‘‘The money, channeled through the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, will be paid out to 1,091,166 cash transfer beneficiaries starting Monday, November 23, 2020. These are beneficiaries who successfully opened bank accounts for the three programmes under the Consolidated Cash Transfer Programme (CCTP) and where successfully submitted to the Consolidated Cash Transfer Management Information System (CCTP MIS)..’’the statement read in part.

A total of 293,665 beneficiaries enrolled Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the cash transfer programme will receive Kshs. 1.1 Billion,a total of 763,553 beneficiaries enlisted under the Older Persons cash transfer programme will be paid Kshs. 3 Billion while a total of 33,948 beneficiaries enrolled under the Persons with Severe Disability cash transfer programme will receive KShs. 135 Million.

‘‘Each of the beneficiaries will receive KSh. 4,000 to cover the July-August 2020 payment cycle.  Beneficiaries or caregivers can access the payment at any time over the next six (6) months. A beneficiary is allowed to withdraw all or a part of this amount at any time during the six-month period.’’ It says.