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Government Should Support Art – Celebrated Artist Urges

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Barasa Wakasa at Ghetto Radio

Performing artist actress Wakasa Barasa famously of Papa Shirandula has urged the government to put up art training institutions in the country to grow the talent of art nationwide .

Wakasa who prides herself in using art to change the society says Kenya needs strategies to help boost local artists.

Speaking exclusively to Ghetto Radio,the performing artist who develops local talent in Nairobi’s Korokocho slums says many unemployed youths depend on art for survival hence the need for the institutions.

“Art is a profession of its own thus it should be given priority by training the actual artists. Many unemployed youths depend on art for survival as it provides their daily basic wants .I urge the government to put up proper training institutions with adequate facilities to support art nationally,”Barasa said.

She has also also thanked educational institutions who have already introduced art in their educational curriculum.

“I have mentored and nurture a good number of artists, this has seen their lives change for better as most of them earn a living through art,” she added.

Wakasa was trained by Chemi Chemi ya ukweli foundation way back in 1998 as an advocate in active non-violence peace keeping mission. She has given back to the society by training young artists in the community since 2006 to date.


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