Government To Enroll Youths in Mentorship Programs To Boost Skills And Job Opportunities

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Twenty youths from different universities will now have real job experience at the Kenya Airways in a program geared to sharpen their skills.

According to Principal Secretary State Department for Youth the program will be rolling with different sectors and it was noble to start with Kenya Airways.

“They will be attached to mentors and coachers and they will be trained on how to be an effective workers in the workplace,” Korir  said.

National Youth Council Chief Executive Office Roy Sasaka has reiterated the need to have the program saying many youths still lack basic skills needed in the job market to help them market themselves.

“There is a discussion that we have a  gap in the university skills and job market that is why we have brought this corporate gurus to help us nurture these youths so that they can can get those technical skills and experiential skills at job market,” Sasaka  added.

“Kenya Airways has a problem that is a fact and that is why we have created that hub so that  we can get daily freshness and innovation from them,” KQ CEO Allan Kilavuka stated.