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Government Urged To Deploy Sufficient Security Apparatus In Political Strongholds

The  Kenya  National  Commission on Human  Rights has urged the government to deploy sufficient security apparatus in stronghold areas of key political parties ahead of the elections.

KNCHR Chairperson   Roseline  Odede says that civil unrest is likely to be witnessed in the strongholds if their flagbearers raise issues with the electoral process.

“Based on the history  of our nation  and nature of  divisive  and intensified  campaigns  the candidates  are undertaking, there is a likelihood  that the stronghold of some of the candidates  refuse to  accept  results, the Commission therefore urges the deployment of sufficient police officers to curb potential violence,” Said  Mrs  Odede.

Mrs Odede  further  noted  that the situation  is likely  to trigger  another chaotic  electoral  cycle  if the security  personnel  fail to handle  the situation  with responsibility  and civility.

“The commission  understands  that  efforts of police  to rebattle  provocation  normally  triggers  further  chaos, we therefore  urge the police  to restrain from  using  excessive  force  and live ammunition  should  chaos  erupt in the mapped areas,” Mrs Odede added.

The Commission  also pointed the use of Public venues  as entities  fueling  political  violence  as witnessed  in Jacaranda  grounds  in Embakasi  East  constituency and in Kisii Stadium  when  a police  officer allegedly  hurled  a teargas canister on the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya  supporters.

“Media  reports  on biased  access  to public  venues  is a matter  that  is considered to fuel political  violence  in each political  outfit, we therefore urge the government  to ensure  that all players  and stakeholders  have equal  rights  in access to  the public  venues  so that no party  or stakeholder  feels sidelined.”

The Commission  also  condemned  the recent  circulation  of the leaflets  bearing  hatespeech  targeting  non locals residing  in Uasin-gishu County  giving  the ultimatum  to vote  a presidential  candidate  from local community.

By Rodgers Oduor