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Governor Alfred Mutua Accuses Ruto Of Threatening To Kill Him


Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has accused Deputy President William Ruto of making a threat to his life.

Mutua who recorded a statement at the Kilimani Police Station on Monday morning, claims that Ruto threatened him at State House during a function.

“On 11th November during a state house function, i went to great Hon. Ruto, shook his hand and even bent for him out of respect, he then held on to my hands and said “wewe jamaa nimeskia vile umesema, umekuwa ukinishambulia na sasa lazima nikugonge na nitakugonga, nitakufunza funzo” stated Mutua.

Mutua says that after discussing  Ruto’s threat with his friends and family he came to a conclusion that he should not take the threats lightly, but to report him to the authorities.

“I have to speak out, so that if anything happens to me, my family would know where to start from… I saw the way he looked at me, the tone of his voice…. and looking at the history of Kenya, he has powers to pull anything, because i don’t know what he meant by saying he will crash me, because crashing someone is destroying them completely,” he said.

The governor has however stated that the threats will not deter him from speaking out the truth, and working for the people that need his services.