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Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s Husband Says He Is Undergoing GBV


Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s husband Murega Baichu now claims that he is undergoing Gender Based Violence.

Baichu who spoke shortly after his wife was summoned by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission says that some of the claims made by Meru MCAs against him amount to GBV.

According to Baichu, the MCAs do not want him to live with his wife in the Governor’s official residence or even ride with her in her car.

“Some of the things are perplexing, I need the EACC to clarify some of the issues, I need to know if I should spend in the governor’s official residence or even ride in her car when we are traveling,” said Baichu.

“Because, where we currently are and the things I am going through all amount to what we call Gender Based Violence,” he said.

Mwangaza today appeared before the EACC where she claimed that the MCAs who are planning to oust her have written fake allegations and claims against her.

According to Mwangaza her husband Mbaichu is not earning anything from the Meru County.

“They have written fake allegations that I have employed my husband. My husband is here, he has never earned a single coin from the government and he never will. He is doing it voluntarily to help our youth,” she said.

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Mwangaza claims that even claims that she has employed her two sisters are lies.

“My sister works for the National Police Service she is drawing her salary from the police what I did was just request the police to assign her to me. The other sister has been my PA for five years, why didn’t they complain then?” she posed.

Meru MCAs have threatened to impeach Governor Mwangaza over claims of Nepotism. A motion to impeach her has already been presented to the Meru County Assembly.


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