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  • The plant sale was recently banned in Mombasa and Kilifi Counties.
  • The two counties opine that it is killing a generations  due to its adverse effects.
  •  Muguka business injects  about Sh22 billion per year in Embu’s economy.


Embu County government has now  threatened to sue over the recent order by Kilifi and Mombasa Counties banning  the sale, supply and consumption of Muguka.

According to Embu Governor Cecily Mbarire Mbarire she will protect the consumption,sale and supply  of the popular drug in court and that actions by the two counties were illegal and irrational.

She adds that Muguka business injects  about Sh22 billion per year in Embu’s economy.

“The muguka value chain is estimated to contribute approximately Sh22 billion per year to the economy of Embu. Muguka farmers and other players who have invested heavily in the value chain, therefore, stand to lose in terms of revenue and livelihoods.The County Government of Embu and County Assembly of Embu have engaged their legal teams to move to court and seek guidance on the matter. I urge muguka farmers and players in the value chain to exercise calm as we seek avenues to resolve this stalemate.” Mbarire said.

Not  Illegal Drug

According to Mbarire Muguka is not harmful to anyone’s health and that’s why it is legal in the country.

“Muguka is a variety of Miraa by taste, product and active ingredient which is still cathinone. The crop is Khat and Miraa as well as Muguka is the local name for Khat. The scheduled crop is Catha edulis which represents all varieties of Miraa which includes Muguka and any other crop that may emerge and contains Catha edulis.There is no law separating Miraa from Muguka and no single law prohibiting its sale or consumption. Muguka is therefore not a drug.” Mbarire added.



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