Governor Mike Sonko Now Reduced To Launching Projects On Social Media

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From the overconfident and outspoken politician who once revealed intimate romance details of a city politician during his funeral to a politician being held briefly by security officers at State Funerals and even being made to sit several rows at the back at events in his own backyard, Mike Sonko is now a humble man.

Sonko who has been known for his flashy lifestyle and moving about with a big entourage of body guards has now been reduced to launching projects on Social Media.

Rarely spotted in public, the flashy governor’s footprints can only be spotted on Social Media where he is launching his projects and speaking about the progress of the ongoing projects.

For example yesterday only the governor gave status progress of at least four projects his administration is working on.

The projects include a fire station at Waithaka in Dagoretti South Constituency.

” The station will have fully equipped fire engines, ambulances, boreholes and other facilities that will enable Nairobi City County Government to respond to disasters in a timely manner,” wrote Sonko.

The other project Sonko spoke about yesterday is the Construction of Karandini Modern Market in Dagoretti North Sub County.

” My administration in conjunction with the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project (NAMSIP) is finalizing construction of Karandini modern market in Dagoretti South Constituency,” he said.

Mwariro market in Kariokor Ward in Starehe Constituency that is being funded by the World Bank under the Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project is the other project the governor spoke about.

But as Sonko desperately continues to showcase his projects on Social Media, there are undertones of his impeachment.

The process which is being spearheaded by Minority Whip at the County Assembly Peter Imwatok is already on course with a section of opposition MCAs stating that they are ready to support it.