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Governor Nyong’o Distances Himself From Ongoing demolitions In Kisumu County

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By Jacob Oluoch

Kisumu County Governor Anyang Nyong’o has strongly condemned claims by the senate that he is responsible for the ongoing demolitions in Kisumu.
In a press statement Nyong’o says that Kenya Railways Corporation is to be blamed for the demolitions adding that his government was not consulted.
” I would like to condemn in the strongest term possible, the irresponsible manner in which some members of the senate today used their privilege in the house to blame my government for the demolition of property in Kisumu county. This is done by Kenya Railways corporation which has been doing the same thing in other counties as well. I welcome the Senate to come to Kisumu and get facts on the ground than carrying all debates based on irresponsible innuendos and baseless propaganda,” said Nyong’o.
Kisumu senator Fred Outa and nominated senator Rose Nyamunga faulted Nyong’o for failing to protect Kisumu residents from the demolitions.
“The government of Kisumu is doing a wrong thing ,the way they are doing resettlement of demolished structures is wrong. Yes we need modern structures and they must be demolished but the way it is being done is inhuman. Something needs to be done for our people as this happens in the middle of covid 19 and our people are suffering”, Nyamunga said.


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