In Summary

  • Sakaja Bans hawkers from CBD  Pavements.
  • Sakaja asked Hawkers to obey the law.
  • Hawkers Demand dignity from county askaris.

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja has banned hawking along Moi Avenue and engaging in hawking business before 4 pm in the evening.Speaking to hawkers today Sakaja says they must restore order in the Central Business District. They city boss also banned hawking on pavement along streets.
“There will be  no hawking along Moi Avenue and that must be clear I was in Paris in France we are getting investors on BRT.Mjipange pia it’s unfair for you to sell same goods in front of someone’s shop.They also pay rent and  rates to the county.Some also use disables persons to do hawking we are abled differently and please let us follow the law because it is there for all of us.”

Sakaja asked the hawkers to use other alternative areas designated by the county government to operate and not pavements.
“We are planning how to accommodate but hawking on pavements no we are not going to allow that. For Now Moi Avenue is a no go zone ” Sakaja said.

Hawkers Demand

Meanwhile hawkers have demanded dignified treatment from County askaris.

They asked governor to build them markets in strategic places to reduce Hawkers congestion in Central Business District.

“Tunaomba serikali ya sakaja itujali watutafutie place poa kama sio soko tufanye bizz zetu.Sio ati hatutaki kufuata Sheria wenye hawafuati wadeal nao because is not right for us to be compensated after a wrong doing.Those could have been fined .”Elizabeth Mureimi said.

“What is dignity we are paying taxes and we should be given chance to work in town.What we don’t want ni ufala ya kupigwa Kila mara.”Moses

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