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Governor  Sonko, Badi Clash Over Mukuru Slums Demolitions


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has now condemned the manner in which Nairobi Metropolitan Services carried out Mukuru Kwa Rueben demolitions terming it inhumane.

Sonko’s spokesperson Ben Mulwa says that NMS failed to provide alternative residences for the victims which is against human rights.

Unconfirmed reports also indicate that one person lost his life during the process.

‘‘All of us including the governor would wish Nairobi to transform  but these demolitions must be done in a humane way. They must be done within the law, and ensure that the rights of the affected families are protected..and when we continue to subject citizen to this kind of inhumanity then it miss the purpose the development,’’Mulwa said.

NMS has marked Mukuru slums as a special area and further  pumped a whopping Ksh. 1 billion for renewal of projects.

But according to Sonko he does not oppose the transformation and all he requires is that the same should be done in a rightful way without causing pains to the residents.