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Governor Waititu, His Wife And Son Wanted By EACC Officers

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Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives investigating allegations of graft in Kiambu County Government this morning raided the Nairobi and Kiambu homes of Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

The officers went to Waititu’s homes in Runda, Kiambu and Garden estate where they ransacked them for documents.

The officers said they would later take the Governor, his wife, and daughter to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission offices at Integrity Centre for questioning over claims of graft.

Waititu was at his Runda home when the team pounced.

He has so far presented himself at the EACC offices for questioning minus his wife and son who are also wanted.

Waititu has been on the radar of EACC over claims of graft and his sudden wealth in the city.

The commission has been conducting a lifestyle audit on Waititu and says they have gathered crucial information that they are now using as the basis of their investigations.



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