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Govt Asked To Reduce Diesel Prices And Increase Petrol Prices

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The United Green Movement party is planning to send a proposal to the parliament to have taxes on diesel reduced and taxes on petrol increased in a bid to mitigate the current fuel stalemate.

UGM Party Leader Augostinho Neto says that while diesel is used on daily basis by commercial vehicles and machines, petrol is used on private and commercial light vehicles.

According to Neto the reduction of taxes on diesel will also see the reduction in the prices of food supplies and generally the cost of living.

 “The government needs to consider lower taxes on diesel while increasing the taxes on petrol. Whereas the tax has been increased on Kerosene, petrol and diesel. We are proposing that government does reduce the cost of these taxes while they increase the tax of the cost in gasoline or petrol tax because diesel is used with Track moving exports and domestic food supply while gasoline is used with private and commercial light vehicle,” said Neto.

“Instead of letting everyone suffer let us reduce the cost of diesel which many sectors depend on our exports our food and local transport and let us increase the cost of gasoline in a matter that will make the deficit of the gaps of the taxes that they would put on diesel,” he added.


The newly revised fuel prices by the Energy and Petroleum Authority saw the price of super petrol go up by Ksh. 7.58, Diesel by Ksh. 7.94 and Kerosene by Ksh. 12.97.

The revision brought the new prices to Ksh. 134.72 for Super Petrol, Ksh. 115.60 for Diesel and Ksh. 110.82 for Kerosene.

Neto further asked the government to go the Uganda way of procuring fuel which has allowed competition and in return fair prices.

 “Uganda has a low cost of fuel although it is landlocked compared to Kenya because competition has been made available at the procurement stage of petroleum. Right now Kenya has method of fixing the price of petrol which is not fair in terms of giving the consumers a good price and if Kenyans open up the procurement process at the competition level of the market our fuel prices will definitely go down,” Neto said.



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