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Govt asked to stop servicing debts


By Jacob Oluoch

A local NGO has called on the government to temporarily suspend servicing of debts and instead channel the money to the provision of basic needs to vulnerable Kenyans.

Kenya Peasant League Secretary General Cidi Otieno says that the suspension of the servicing of debts will enable the government to have enough money to provide support to both small scale farmers and vulnerable Kenyans.

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According to Otieno, empowering these farmers will in turn bring down the cost of food and in turn ease the harsh economic times Kenyans are facing during this Covid-19 time.

“The government should also amend all Seed Laws and Plant Varieties Act that prohibit farmers from saving , exchanging, selling and using indigenous seeds and other farm inputs as it is clear that those are what supported food production,” explained Otieno.

“As the country is facing  third wave of COVID-19, we as KPL we want the government to ensure all citizens to get adequate PPEs. That there is running water and sanitizers especially in the slum areas and all public hospitals are stocked with drugs,” he further stated.

Habu Dorcas from the same organization has also requested the government to stop its focus on roads and instead focus on the third wave of COVID-19 pandemics and economic harsh times.