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  • Ombongi said that  they have to know all churches in the area and if their doctrines abide by the law
  • DCC to begin a painful exercise of monitoring all churches in Kibra

Kibera Deputy County Commissioner Gideon Ombongi has revealed that his administration is planning to launch a crackdown on churches in Kibra.

Speaking  at Olympics Primary School where he attended distribution of bursary cheques to students from Kibera, Ombongi said that the crackdown will include monitoring and registering all churches in the area to establish if their doctrines abide by the law.

“I am very sorry on what happened at Shakahola and that is why soon we shall be registering churches and probing their doctrines. We don’t want to see what happened in Shakahola happening here in Kibera.

The other time our chief got information from city inspectorate fund that there is an ailing woman who has refused to go hospital and she believes in prayers. We are not going to accept that and that is why we are going to begin a painful exercise of monitoring all churches in this sub-County,” said Ombongi.

His sentiments come just a few weeks after hundreds of people believed to have died from fasting were exhumed from Shakahola forest.

Those whose bodies were exhumed are believed to have been followers of controversial preacher Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

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Pastor Ezekiel Odero of New Life Church and Prayer Center who is also believed to be an accomplice of Pastor Paul Mackenzie was also arrested and released last week.

Drug dealers in Kibra warned

Ombongi also used the time to warn those people who sell drugs to students in the area saying that they are going to arrested all suspects and present them to court for trials.

“We have some people who sell drugs to our school going children and we have singled out some of them, some are in campus while others are within our community we are coming for them after we are done with our investigations, we shall profile them then  send anti narcotics police to  deal with them,” he said.

By Jeremick Joe – Kibera

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