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Govt to review Covid-19 burial guidelines


The Government is set to review guidelines on how to bury COVID-19 victims.

This is after confirming that indeed, people who have died from COVID19 do not transmit the virus.

It was earlier believed that one mode of transmission of Covid-19 was via droplets, hence, most families who needed to bury their loved ones, needed to observe basic infection prevention and control.

Only a limited number of mourners were allowed for the burial and the Social distancing rule was to be observed.

Earlier guidelines and protocols from the Ministry of Health dictated that COVID19 victims be buried within three days.

The burials would only last for a few minutes and some of the victims were buried at night by people adorned in Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs).

The revision of guidelines is expected to enable family members to bury their kins in a dignified manner.

This comes as Kenyans observe a flattening of the curve of COVID-19. The death toll of COVID-19 as per now stands at 597 with 83 new recorded infections as per 5th Sept 2020.