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Gov’t Warns Gikomba Traders Against Reconstructing Structures


Affected traders at the Gikomba market have vowed to stay put at the market despite an alleged warning from a government official not to re-construct their structures.

Gikomba Traders Association Chairman Tinega Damase claims that a regional government officer asked them not to reconstruct their temporary structures until a city engineer surveys the place.

According to Tinega, they will defy the order since most of them get their livelihoods from the burnt market.

“It is unfortunate that the government does not take care of us, the regional officer yesterday said that we should not construct our temporary structure until the city engineer come and do their survey but we won’t wait for them and we will construct our own structures back,” Damase said.

According to Damase, they have school fees and loans to pay hence the need to quickly reconstruct their temporary structures.

“We will build the constructions back because we have school fees and loans to pay, we are so much pressed with this economy, our pockets are deeply dried out due to the corona virus pandemic,” he stated.


Apparently traders were not the only people affected in the Sunday night inferno, residents who live in Gorofani Estate that is just next to Gikomba also had their houses burnt.

Tinega has also appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to swiftly resolve the fire that is currently giving the government an annual tax return of up to Ksh. 12 Billion.

“We are aware of the good plans that the government has for us. His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta said that there will be installation of CCTV cameras but up to date we have seen few that have been mounted on Gikomba highrise phase one,” he said.

Some of the traders in the market claim that the market might have been burnt down due to political interests.

 “It is very unfortunate that Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) came to these premises with their security personnel going round and demanding for licenses then two days later, the fire broke out. We have lost millions and millions,” he said.