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Grace Msalame leaves internet in stitches after falling asleep in public

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Media personality Grace Msalame left the internet in stiches over the weekend after a photo of her grabbing a nap in public surfaced online.

The unsuspecting Msalame was photographed by an unknown fan who then uploaded the photo online triggering online conversation.

The photo gave rise to a hash tag dubbed ‘GraceMsalame’ challenge where KOT shared their hillarious jokes.

Some speculated that she might have been stressed, others thought she ate too much food, while others went on to claim Msalame had a hangover after the long weekend.

KOT shared hilarious memes poking fun at her.

@DennisWyreMe: *sets alarm at 4AM* “the body only needs 6 hours of sleep” Also me at lunch time: #GraceMsalameChallenge

@Karismemes Grace: “Aki me ayam suffering. I can’t sleep at night because I take naps & I take naps because I can’t sleep at night.” #GraceMsalameChallenge

@Binlagrin ukimaliza kudance lingala ya Yesu alaf pastor asimame kupreach #GraceMsalameChallenge



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