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  • A video of a groom obsessed with his phone while ignoring the bride amuses netizens.
  •  Netizens have slammed the groom for his terrible behavior.
  • The bride however does not react to the groom’s behavior.

Netizens have slammed a groom for his terrible behavior after he seemed obsessed with his phone while ignoring his bride during their wedding ceremony.

A video of a groom exiting the church heavily engrossed with his phone while ignoring his new wife has gone viral.

The man walks down the aisle after saying I Do, all the while looking at his phone, while his bride happily smiles and dances away as they exit the church.

Netizens are amused with many making fun of the beautiful couple while others condemn the man for not being present for his wife on their big day, at the same time for ignoring their guests.

The video has garnered so much interest with various people reacting in disgust to his actions. The video shows the bride has no objection to him using the phone and she does not even look his way.

She interacts with guests as they continue walking out of the church.

Below are some of the reaction comments.

Mackjulion: I’m a wedding photographer and this was so cringe. 1. For those saying “what if he’s organizing stuff” No. that’s the planner’s job. No planner? Then it’s the the maid of honor/best man.

The fact that the pics of them walking down the aisle after being married is him attached to his phone and her looking awkward because his full attention is in his phone is sooooo cringeeeeee 🤦🏾‍♂️ but hey, that’s they relationship I guess.

Chidimaochonga: This is unacceptable and disrespectful 😢😢

Blackpearlakawannie: Red flaggg

Tastemysunshine: He better be talking to Jesus on the mine line? TF because wtf so important on YOUR wedding day?

Keechicreek: So he’s not gonna acknowledge the guests that came to support them? Just gonna press your phone right? Absolutely ridiculous!

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