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Grow Up Or Go Home, Netizens Fire At Controversial Rapper


Controversial Luo rapper Philip Okoyo commonly known as Japesa has had the heat turned on himself after calling pioneer legendary Luo urban stars as ‘useless’.

Japesa shared a photo collage of some Luo rappers saying that they do not match his lyrical prowess.

In the photo collage were rapers Big Pin, Poxi Presha, the incredible duo Gidigidi and Majimaji, Jomenes Boyz Band, The late Wicky Mosh and the fallen reggae star Mighty King Kong.

He captioned the photo, “???Ati Legends, these guys can’t match my lyrical prowess…. MAGI NE WALO E BEAT (Luo for these were jokers on the beat).”

His sentiments however did not go well with a section of his fans who thought that he was not only lacking respect but also had a long way to go as far as Luo urban music is concerned.

They termed him as a clown and an attention seeker who clings on controversy for relevance.

“Focus on your music stop sideshows. We understand sideshows are part of hip hop culture but it must complement your talent. Talanta hujionyesha kivyake, you don’t have to shout about it” wrote Asher Omondi.

“I felt sorry for this guy when he was venting on not being included in Kisumu event, but after this i totally understand why they are never included, lack of moral code, these kids need a mentor,” stated another fan.

Controversy however seems to be Japesa’s second name, at one point he claimed his grillz tooth could pay a whole year’s rent to some people.

He also bought himself a casket while affirming that he was the most handsome and welthiest artist in Kenya.

He recently went as far as declaring his interest to impregnate female Singer Akothee.

His songs have however failed to speak big as he claims to be, in fact the pioneer artists he was throwing shade at, had illustrious careers and are celebrated to date though they made it against all odds, when the internet craze had not came into play.

The  ‘Inega’ rapper has a paltry 24k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Do you think Japesa is worth his salt?