In summary
•Ringtone alleges that Guardian Angel lives in Karen’s slum known as Kuwinda
•He maintains that he’s way above Guardian Angel in status while demanding respect from him
•Ringtone further calls out Bahati for cross-dressing

Singer Ringtone has alleged that his gospel counterpart, Guardian angel lives in Karen’s slum known as Kuwinda.

Through an online interview,the talanta singer maintained that he was way above Guardian angel in status and the latter should accord him respect as his senior.

“So Guardian angel naskia anaishi kwa slum inaitwa kuwinda.. Guardian angel anaishi kwa slum lakini anataka kubishana na mtu ambaye anaishi kwa main house, own compound,bro mimi niko level tofauti, Guardian angel hatuko level moja aniheshimu mimi ndio boss wake”stated Ringtone

Recently, Guardian angel made a revelation that he had moved to the surbarbs of Karen drawing wide speculation.

Ringtone,a self proclaimed chairman of gospel artists in Kenya added that he was the top rated gospel act in Africa.

Blasts Bahati For Cross-dressing

Meanwhile, Ringtone further called out Bahati for his cross-dressing.

According to Ringtone,Bahati was harbouring LGBTQ tendencies by donning his wife’s attires while allowing other men to get cosy with his wife,Diana as recently witnessed with Krg.

“Bahati hana shida wanaume wengine wakiguza bibi yake maybe ni mwanamme mwenye hatoshi ama ni mwanamme ako na u LGBTQ,Bahati anavaa thong ya Diana,anavaa bra ya Diana,Bahati anatoka anavaa dress ya Diana,anavaa lipstick ya Diana,cutex alafu anaanza kutembea kama Diana” Fired Ringtone

Ringtone also disclosed his intention of working out as a way of toning his body and looking good so as not to like other artists with big bellies.

He vowed to take the gospel industry higher like in the yester years revealing the title of his upcoming new release ‘Delete’ set to premier anytime soon.

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