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Gulf Is No Longer Greener Pastures, Create Jobs For Kenyans – Atwoli

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has asked the government to create policies that will create employment and prevent Kenyans from seeking greener pastures in the Gulf.

Atwoli says that the inhumane treatment Kenyans are getting in the Gulf has made the place no longer habitable for Kenyans.

According to Atwoli, the government needs to first deal with corruption that has put a lot of money in the hands of criminals and denied Kenyans jobs.

“We have to create policies that create employment for our people and those that can eradicate corruption because no one wants to invest in a corrupt country,” said Atwoli.

 “Our DNA is related to poverty, poverty is everywhere and it requires a lot of efforts by those in the authority to make sure that they put some mechanisms in place that can spike economic growth and help create more employment for the unemployed people and this will stop people from this continent wanting to leave for greener pastures as they are promised always where there are no green pastures,” he said.

Miriam Wanjiru, a survivor from Gulf has advised the government to create more job opportunities in Kenya to help end unemployment.

According to Wanjiru, most Kenyans who travel do so to find employment which turns them to slaves.

“I would like to ask the government to find solutions to our problems. Let them create jobs in our nations because our nation is wealthy and everyone can have something to do in order to develop the nation. We need a government which can make us proud of working in our country because we go out there to look for work because there are no employment opportunities in Kenya,” Wanjiru said.

 I was working as a nanny and a house girl of which I was working alongside a Philippine lady. As Africans, we were discriminated and given hard jobs compared to other people. We had long hours of working doing all the house chores for the huge family living there with no rest at all.”


She further said that they are harassed sexually by their bosses and face discriminations and insults from both the young and elderly.

“We never had day offs and speaking to men was forbidden in the country and I was once scolded because of speaking to a security guard which was so wrong. We were totally slaves because we were punished for even talking to the man of the house. Sexual harassment was on another level and the men took advantage of us and would use any opportunity to harass us and one could not report to the woman of the house. We were always insulted by everyone in the family including the small children and you were not supposed to defend yourself,” She added.

By: Emmaline Owuor