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Gymnast Wendy Waeni accuses manager of extorting her


14 year-old Professional Gymnast Wendy Waeni has exposed former Manager Joe Mwangi of exploiting her talent.

The young gymnast said Joe Mwangi has been pocketing all her performances money and she does not get even a single coin.

She went on to reveal that despite her outstanding performance that has seen her tour countries like Rwanda and Germany, she still lives with her mum in a single room in Nairobi’s Huruma area.

“I have been performing all over the world and right now I live in Huruma because of Joe Mwangi. I have performed in Rwanda, Germany, China and I have not gotten even a single penny, my mother is really suffering, as we talk she sells sweets and cigarettes at night and we live in a single room.” She said

She also accused Mwangi of mishandling her social media accounts, saying she has no idea what is posted on them and people have been calling her out over what she posts on the platform.

“It is really very sad people are telling me I’m rude, that I’m a brat because I post things on Instagram which I don’t know. I don’t have access to my social media accounts, its Joe Mwangi who controls them” she added

The gymnast whose education is sponsored by Interior CS Fred Matiang’I also apologized to media personality Jalang’o over an online fight they had in 2017 over Ksh. 4500

“Jalang’o when are you paying me Sh4500 that you an away with when I was still struggling in this industry..?? In case you have forgotten let me remind you that on that day you almost made us walk from Mombasa road to Huruma,” Read a post on Waeni’s instagram back then

Wendy now says she had no idea about the issue and only heard it from different people.

“I’m really sorry I don’t know anything that goes in that account. Actually that story about Jalang’o I’m really sorry I don’t know what happened I just heard that we had an online fight and I hope that, that will not happen again and all protocols just endorse me, that was not the real me and anyone who has been offended through my social media accounts,” she said

Waeni now hopes that since she has parted ways with the manager things will run better for her.