Award-winning Kenyan artist Willy Paul has responded to claims by a blogger that he has neglected his mother.

Taking to his Instagram page, Willy Paul posted a photo of the blogger, calling him a clout chaser as he strongly rebukes him.

“I think I’ve had enough manze. I’ve worked for this name saaana. Nikiona how people use my name for clout inaniweka tu uzuni.. hakuna kitu imeniuma kama hii.. yaani my mother is very sick alafu some clout chaser anakuja kumtaja kwa uwongo?” he posted

The photo shared by Pozee shows the blogger standing in front of an old mud house with rusted iron sheets. The caption on the photo read, “This is where Willy Paul’s Mother lives.”

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The singer who is very angry with the blogger’s actions has asked for help from his fans to locate the blogger.

“Basi angenitaja tu coz mimi watu wamezoea… why drag mamangu kwa upuzi?? Please anyone with information ya place uyu jamaa anaweza patikana akuje atusaidia hapa,” he added.

The controversial singer has been trending for various reasons apart from his exemplary vocals and performance on stage.

Recently, Eric Omondi accused Willy Paul and several other artists of neglecting their calling and focusing on other wrong stuff instead.

The comedian said gospel artists today trend for the wrong reasons and are part of the reasons youths have lost their rightful ways.

Willy Paul rubbished Eric’s claims saying his statements were mere jokes. He also promised to give the reason as to why he exited the gospel industry.

“Of all your jokes this is the funniest bro.. keep chasing that bag! I’ll tell you why I left gospel music fam… my relationship with God is still intact though,” he added.

By Stella Anyango

February 8, 2023

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