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Hamisa Mobetto reveals how Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship affected her


Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has revealed how Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship affected her.

Speaking in a recent interview, Hamisa revealed that she was actually friends with Tanasha long before she started dating Diamond.

She however maintained that Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond meant their friendship (Hamisa and Tanasha) could not go on.

She said the relationship made everything awkward and that is why not many people even knew that they were friends before.

“We used to know each other before she started dating Diamond but when she was with him, we were not close and it would have been awkward anyway, but she’s a lovely person,” Hamisa said

Hamisa further added that she hopes their sons will also meet up and grow up as brothers.

“Eventually they will meet; they are brothers so even if it’s not today, it has already been planned that some day they will meet. So when the time comes, they will,” Hamisa added.

Hamisa says she has been involved in many of Tanasha’s businesses of late and soon people will know the projects they are working on.