Ghetto Radio takes lucky fans out for pizza at Pepino’s in Celebration of Mother’s Day.

We celebrate Mother’s day to honour and appreciate the burdens that mothers endure to ensure their children are well off. This year, Ghetto Radio decided to do something different to celebrate all mothers out there. GR ran a social media campaign in the days leading up to Mother’s Day, asking their followers to share their mothers’ favourite dish & what dish is best cooked by your mama?

The response was overwhelming, with hundreds sharing heartfelt stories & moments about their mothers.12 lucky winners and their mothers were picked to attend the pizza party at Pepino’s.

Naturally, the fans were overjoyed at the opportunity to spend quality time with their mothers alongside the GR team. The fun-filled affair had the lucky winners and their mothers enjoying delicious pizza, soft drinks, and some dessert.

The Ghetto Radio team also presented each winner with a takeaway double pizza as a token of appreciation for their love and support.

The winners also had the opportunity to interact with some of their favorite Ghetto Radio personalities including the morning show producer, James “Mojezz” Maina, Communications experts/Marketers; Peninah Muriuki & Margaret Gatene and PR strategist, Merolyne Gwala. Who also shared stories about their own mums and the impact they had on their lives.

GR crew,(from right) Peninah Muriuki, James “Mojezz” Maina, Merolyne Gwala.

“We wanted to do something special for our listeners this Mother’s Day, and what better way to do that than to take a few lucky fans out for pizza. We were overwhelmed by the response we received from our followers, and it was heartwarming to read their stories about their mothers. We hope that this event brought some joy and happiness to the winners and their mothers and that they will cherish this memory for years to come,” said Peninah Muriuki, GR marketer.

The winners also expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day in such a special way. One winner, Kevin, stated,”I am so grateful to Ghetto Radio for this amazing experience. I will definitely call you for some nyama choma soon. My mother has done so much for me, and this is a great way to show her how much I appreciate her. We had a fantastic time!”

This Mother’s Day pizza party at Pepino’s was a unique and heartwarming way to celebrate and appreciate the mothers in our lives. The event definitely brought together people from different backgrounds and communities to share in the joy of this special day. Happy Mother’s Day!

By J.K.Raminya

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