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Harmonize apologises, begs ex-wife for forgiveness

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Tanzanian Musician Harmonize has apologized publicly and begged for forgiveness from his ex-wife Sarah Michelloti after the two went separate ways last year.

The singer dedicated a song to his ex-wife as a way of asking for forgiveness for everything he did to her.

He has also said that he is thankful to Sarah for giving him four years of her life and for being patient with him.

“SORRY & SORRY & SORRY ??I’m sorry is the only Word I can use to the one of Beautiful Woman ? Aliyenipatia Miaka (4) Ya maisha Yake Nami Nikampatia (4) Yangu Tulipitia Mengi Ila itoshe Kusema Nilizingua Sanaa ..!!!” he wrote.

Harmonize says that the news of his first daughter Zulekha was the reason why the two decided to part ways.

He has told Sarah that people make mistakes and he did not want to look stupid by hiding his daughter from people.


The Happy Birthday hit maker has said that he still loves and respects Sarah despite everything that they went through.

“Mpaka Mungu Alipoamua Kuniletea Mtoto Wangu wa Kwanza @zuuh_konde Na Ndo Ikawa Mwisho Wa Safari Yetu Ya Pamoja Yeesss KUTELEZA KUNATOKEA Naa Muungwana Huomba Radhi ? ila Ningeonekana Mjinga Zaidi Ningeendelea Kumficha Mtoto Wangu …..!!! LOVE & RESPECT ? AND THIS ONE IS FOR YOU …!!! IN MY NEXT ALBUM …!!! MY PEOPLE RUN IT UP,” he added.

He has apologized to his daughter for hiding him and also apologized to Sarah for hiding the fact that that he has a daughter from her.

However Sarah shared photos of DNA results showing that Harmonize is not the father of Zulekha and advised him to stop lying to his fans.

The two parted ways in 2020 after Sarah ended the relationships with claims that Harmonize had cheated on her.

Sarah even went to court and demanded that the two divide the property they made as a couple into two.



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