Harmonize explains his new relationship with woman way older than him

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By Steve Osaka

Bongo Singing Sensation and Konde Gang Boss Harmonize has come to the defense of his relationship with an older woman-Bongo movie actress Kajala Masanja.

After parting ways with his Italian girlfriend Sarah due to a cheating scandal,the Singer has openly paraded Kajala,a mother of a nineteen year old girl as his new flame.

However,this has not gone well with a section of the artist’s fans terming it a dream in futility prompting the Singer to clear the air.

“So unapokuja kwenye suala la mwanamke,mi na angalia vibe yake so kwangu mimi ukiniuliza kuhusu Kajala ntakwambia kwamba ni mwanamke ambaye off course i love her, she’s beautiful lakini kingine mi namwona kama ni mwanamke nahisi kwamba yaani huwezi mshtua kwa gari,pesa… Kama nyumba nzuri kashakaa so that’s the kind of a woman i want,” said Harmonize.

He was speaking during a media interview a day ago after he launched his latest song ‘All Night’ that features a disabled woman known as Anjella.

The Unajikosha hit maker has hinted at singning the upcoming female artist and catering for her medical expenses for corrective surgery of her legs.

“Nitampeleka India akatibiwe miguu akafanyiwe operation kwa hiyo process dokta Jembe ashaanza kuifanyia tukiangalia atasafirije, ataftiwe passport then soon as possible aende India atibiwe miguu then akirudi mi ntakaa na familia yake tuweze kumsign”revealed the Star.