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Harmonize finally erases memories of Kajala from his life

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By Steve osaka

Tanzanian Singing Sensation Harmonize has finally decided to erase the bitter memories of his former girlfriend actress Frida Kajala from his life.

At the height of their relationship the pair had tattoos with the initials of their names on their necks.

Harmonize tattooed (K) for Kajala whereas Kajala had (H) for Harmonize signifying their undying love to each other.

Konde Gang’s first signee Ibraah shared a video of his Boss Harmonize, with a fresh tattoo of his new look on his Instagram to the surprise of fans.

It depicted the death of Harmonize’s love to Kajala. Fans also took time to lecture Ibraah not to ever tattoo the name of a woman to his body.

“Kajala Tattoo has changed to Konde Gang??” wrote kabandilwafariala.

“Kaka mjanja wewe shkamoo??????,” wrote Queenhapp.

“??????? Ibraah usikubali kuchora tatoo ya mwanamke wa Bongo,” wrote Edgar.r6274.

However, others also took offense and registered their displeasure for the tattoo.

“Huo ni ushamba” wrote msigalaagrey.

“Jamani sasa kama uchafu mwilini,” wrote cute255.

The ‘One Night Stand’ Singer’s relationship hit the rocks recently after Rayvanny leaked the former’s messages and nude photos he had sent to Kajala’s teen daughter, Paula.


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