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Harmonize New Baby Kajala Shows Him Love after Receiving  Expensive Gifts

Bongo movie actress Frida Kajala has penned down an appreciation message to her boyfriend Harmonize after receiving expensive gifts from him days after rekindling their lost love.

Through her Insta stories Kajala showed off the gifts consisting of chocolate, perfume, a Burberry designer bag among others which she got from Harmonize, with a grateful heart.

“Thank you baby,” she wrote before posting a video of Konde Boy on her Insta stories.

This comes days after Konde Boy made Kajala one of his managers signaling their union after months of the singer trying to woo her to get back with him.

Harmonize Desperately Begs Fridah Kajala To Take Him Back

The announcement was made by the singer’s first manager Choppa, who mentioned that Harmonize now has a total of four managers. The four are Mjerumani, Jembe Ni Jembe, Choppa and Kajala.

“Allow Me To Welcome In Management Team New C.E.O And Manager Kajala. I’m Excited To Work With You Shem,” wrote Choppa while welcoming Frida to Konde Gang.

Harmonize recently got Kajala’s face tattooed on his leg and also bought her two range rovers as a way of saying sorry.

By Stella Anyango.