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  • Harmonize prophesized to rule the year 2024.
  • The man of God affirmed that creatives who use what they have at their disposal tend to sell more unlike the ones who have nearly everything within their reach.
  • The prophecy has since elicited mixed reactions from a section of netizens.

Bongo star Harmonize has been prophesized as the biggest artist who’ll reign supreme in 2024 as the new year beckons.

According to the man of God, Prophet Frank Mchomvu, Harmonize will have immense success thanks to God’s prophecy.

“Elfu mbili na ishirini na nne mtu atakaye kimbiza sana, mwimbaji atakaye kimbiza sana elfu mbili na ishirini na nne wa bongo flava hapa Tanzania atakuwa ni Harmonize kulingana na unabii” asserted Prophet Frank.

Prophet Frank further noted that creatives who barely have nothing and use wisely what is at their disposal tend to thrive more than those who have everything within their reach.

Fondly referred to as “Sauti Ya Radi”, the Prophet further reminded the naysayers that his prophecies never go wrong.

He maintained that he’s a true servant of God with qualities depicting his servanthood.

Frank further noted that he has powers to tell whether a person is possessed with evil spirits or not.

He also has the ability to interpret a dream the way Joseph and Daniel did in the Bible.

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Fans Reactions

Prophet Frank’s prophecy has since elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

Many have been taken aback by his prophecy towards a secular singer at the expense of other pertinent issues.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Of course Harmonize is the best 2023/2024”

“Huwa ni sawa kwa kumtakia mema mtu”

“Nakubali kauli yako nabii”

“Nabii wamchongo na wewe ndio udhaifu wako”

“Sasa wewe unashindwa kutabiri ya watu wenye shida zamagonjwa kupona sasa umepotea unatafuta upepo wa mtu”

Do you agree with the Prophet’s prophecy on Harmonize?

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December 28, 2023

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