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Harmonize Reacts After Ex-Wife Lands To Follow Up On Divorce


Bongo singer Harmonize has stated that he has no business with his estranged wife Sarah Michelotti just a few days after she landed in Tanzania to follow up on her divorce.

Harmonize in a conversation with his current lover Frida Kajala says that his ex- wife frustrated him to the extent he did not have a place to sleep.

He further stated he did not have any wealth to split with his estranged wife.

Talaka ya tatu sio mke wangu, sio chaguo langu..Frida asked what the meaning behind the statement is to which the singer responded, “Yaani anashtaki kama mimi nimemuoa. Anataka mali tugawane maskini ya Mungu sijui mali gani wakati tumeachana nikaanza kulala nyumbani kwako daah hata pa kulala nilikuwa sina. Hizo mali zilikuwa wapi jamani. Daah!!!” Harmonize’s conversation with Kajala read.

Harmonize further stated that he and Kajala are minding their own business after Kajala told him to ignore the model.

Even my wife don’t bother, Kuwa na mwanamke mwenye akili raha!!!” he wrote.

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Sarah was seen on Tuesday morning arriving at a Temeke-based court accompanied by her family to follow up on the processing of the divorce.

The two broke up after Harmonize introduced his daughter to his social media fans. At the time, Sarah said she had started filing for divorce.

The model claimed that Harmonize had lied that Frida Kajala, whom he’s currently dating, is his sister and that the singer never checked up on her after she moved back home to Italy.

“When I started a relationship with him and he was dating Wolper, he was also dating Kajala because I saw the messages. I don’t have a problem with Kajala but with my husband, because he lied.” She stated in a previous interview.

By Stella Anyango


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