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Tanzanian singing sensation and Konde Gang President Abdul Rajab commonly known as Harmonize has sent strong signals of being in a new relationship with the release of his latest song ‘Wote’.

Taking to his social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, The amelowa hitmaker shared sensual photos of himself barechest donning pink shorts and the video model in a white bikini having a good time at a coastline in Dar es salaam and dropped love emoji’s .

“@fezakessy❤️❤️” wrote Harmonize

Fans thronged Harmonize’s commentary section with messages that the singer was finally off the market after parting ways with ex-lover Frida Kajala.

“Tembo umesema hatukai sana niku ingia baharini kuogelea na kutoa kisirani yote and then unarudi soko nikama hakuna kilichotendeka” wrote one fan.

“I like you when you have a new machine,u will give us beautiful songs” wrote a second fan

“Harmonize thank you very important 😅😅😅” flew another comment.

Feza Kessy Is Also A Musician

For your information, Harmonize’s video model sending toungues wagging is a star in her own right.Just like Harmonize Feza Kessy is a musician although she’s yet to have her big break in the musical scene.

Harmonize and Feza Kessy enjoying a light moment at the coastline. PHOTO/IG

The gorgeous Feza Kessy competed in the 2005 miss Tanzania and made it to the top five.

In 2013, she was a contestant at the Big Brother Africa where she got continental recognition. Fellow countryman Idris Sultan was declared winner. They later worked with Idris as Presenters in a local station, Choice Fm.

She was once signed by Singer and Rapper AY’s label Unit Entertainment. She also had a stint working with Nigerian star Dbanj. Some of her songs are Bless me, Kaa kijanja and Amani ya Moyo just to name but a few.

Harmonize and Feza Kessy

In the song ‘Wote’ off Harmonize’s album ‘Made For Us’,Feza has brought out her A game portraying the real picture of Harmonize’s flame.

Fans have termed their chemistry ‘super’, the two look romantically involved.The video has even surpassed ‘Nitaubeba’ in which he featured his ex-lover Kajala.

Will this mark the start of a new love story? only time will tell.

By Steve Osaka.


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