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Harmonize speaks out after ‘peasant’ comments angered Kenyan fans


Bongo sensation Harmonize has explained himself after Kenyans called him out.

Harmonize is said to have refered to Kenyans as ‘Peasants’ during his performance at the Wasafi Festival concert in Nairobi during New year’s eve.

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The singer now says his fans got him wrong and that his sentiments were not in bad taste.

 “You know Kenyan and Tanzanian Swahili is different. When I said Kenyans were peasants I did not mean it like that. You know in Tanzania we consider ourselves part of our fans so when I tell you that you are my fellow peasant I think you can be able to understand but Kenyan language is different. There are some phrases which might be interpreted differently,” said Harmonize 

The singer has had some friction with his Kenyan fans and at one incident last year he failed to show up for a concert in Eldoret that saw his fans wreck Havock at the venue.