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  • Harmonize has shared his interest for a relationship with Ugandan singer, Winnie Nwagi.
  • He made the revelation during his Ugandan show.
  • Many have been speculating that Harmonize is eyeing bootylicious Ugandan singer, Laika after their video went viral. 

Harmonize is thirsting over Ugandan singer, Winnie Nwagi for her big ‘Nyash’.

The Single Again singer made the revelation a fortnight ago during his performance in Kampala, Uganda.

The Konde Gang supremo posed a question to his audience on who he was to settle down with were it a Ugandan woman.

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It was then that he mentioned the curvaceous Winnie Nwagi as his choice of a perfect partner.

The audience soon fell into a thunderous applause over Harmonize’s wish.

“If you ask me who to marry in Kampala Uganda… I can marry Winnie Nwagi” he stated partly.

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Fans Reactions

Harmonize video has since attracted mixed reactions.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Na huyu naye ni kutamani kila mdada ata oa dunia mzima hana jipya amechanganyikiwa bangi na pombe zinamchanganya”

“Huyu nae ana kazi kila siku wanawake tu hana jipya”

“Harmonize ni moto mwingine”

Rumored Relationship With Laika

Harmonize was rumored to be in a relationship with Ugandan female singer, Laika after a video of the pair leaked to the internet.

They were vibing to Laika’s music while skimpily dressed at an undisclosed location sending signals of a relationship.

The fact that Laika is also well-endowed, a common feature among Harmonize women further seemed to affirm the affair.

However, in one of her recent interview’s Laika maintained that their friendship with Harmonize was not sexual.

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It was completely on business terms, music and nothing more.

Since parting ways with bongo movie actress, Frida Kajala, Harmonize is yet to fully reveal his love life.

Many thought he was finally settling with the hot Rwandan lass, Yolo The Queen but it seems Harmonize is yet to make up his mind.

Recently, Harmonize also hinted on a possibility of reuniting with one of his exes.

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