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Harmonize To Lose Half Of His Wealth In Messy Divorce

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By Steve Osaka

Bongo Singing Sensation and Konde Gang Boss Harmonize is set to lose half of his wealth if a divorce filed by Italian ex-wife Sarah Michelloti takes effect.

Sarah spoke for the first time in a video interview after her long silence since their separation last year in November.

“About my request for divorce, I started in December but since then it’s in the process so am not divorced yet but I hope we’ll be divorced soon… We need to divide all our stuff,” said Sarah.

She also opened up that she did not walk out of the Singer for impregnating another woman but rather moved out due to his lies.

Sarah claimed that Harmonize started dating Kajala long time as she had stumbled upon messages on his phone from her.

She says that Harmonize would downplay the messages reassuring her that Kajala was just a sister, and that a relationship was out of the question since she was older than his mother.

“Am sure he was even with Kajala because I found some messages in his phone but he was always telling me baby ‘you know what, she is my sister, she is even older, she is like my Mama’s age I can’t date her, we are just friends,” Harmonize would soothe her.

In addition, Sarah has ruled out warming her way to Harmonize’s heart once again, saying she is now focused on building herself and she only regrets being lied to.

“Am just so disappointed for his behaviors because I had done a lot of stuff for this man, everything. I left my country, I left my family, I left everything and went to live in Tanzania because of him plus so many other things I supported him a lot” Added Sarah.


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