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  • Harmonize displeased with Khaligraph taunting Tanzanian rappers.
  • He maintains that Khaligraph draws his inspiration from Tanzanian rappers.
  • Khaligraph has given Tanzanian rappers a 24 hour ultimatum before he turns their industry upside down.

Bongo flava sensation, Harmonize has registered his disappointment with Khaligraph for giving Tanzanian rappers a 24 hour ultimatum.

The Konde gang boss regretted working with Khaligraph on the ‘Kwame’ collaboration which recently won an award.

Released earlier this year, Kwame was recently voted collaboration single of the year at the EAEA(East Africa Entertainment Awards).

“How I went so hard to give you the only award this year, sikujua you can feel that big and disrespect my brothers” Stated Harmonize.

According to Harmonize, Khaligraph draws his inspiration from Tanzanian rappers.

“You really know all your rap inspiration its from Tz Bro don’t forget home” he quipped.

The Single Again singer added that Khaligraph is a pale shadow compared to the new crop of bongo rappers.

To him, If a battle ground was drawn, Khaligraph would lose hands down.

He also reminded Khaligraph if indeed he knew veteran bongo hip hop heads like Weusi and Professor Jay.

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Still, Harmonize disclosed their love for Kenyan hip hop.

“Unawajua Weusi??? What about your daddy @professorjaytz your level is Lunya and Con Boy, Country Boy and still wanakukalisha!! You can tell kupitia your collaborations, OG relax!!! Tz hip hop its another level!!! Even we love 254 hip hop” summed up Harmonize.

Khaligraph’s 24 Hour Ultimatum To Bongo Rappers

Harmonize’s sentiments comes in the backdrop of Khaligraph giving Tanzanian rappers a 24 hour ultimatum before a musical showdown.

“Tz Tanzania your rappers have 24 hours to respond, rappers wa Tanzania mko na 24 hours, mko na masaa Ishirini na nne kunipea jibu” stated Khaligraph.

According to the Mazishi rapper, should they fail to respond within the stipulated period he would unleash his wrath.

Khaligraph further affirmed his ability to beat Tanzanians rappers at their own game and reign supreme.

“Failure to which I will come and launch an attack and I will take over the whole of Tanzanian rap industry and I will be the best rapper in Tanzania just like am the best rapper in Nigeria and in Kenya, So Tanzania muda ni 24 hours rappers wale mnaona nyinyi ndio mme nini I challenge you guys, wasee wa Tz nawachallenge” Dared Khaligraph.

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In recent days, Khaligraph has maintained that what Kenyan music lacks is home base support.

With that, the Tanzanians play second fiddle.

Which way now, Kenyan or Tanzanian hip hop?

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