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  • Harmonize has been warned to restrain himself from Alikiba’s girlfriend.
  • Harmonize shared a Tik Tok video of  Alikiba’s girlfriend jamming to his new song, Sijalewa.
  • In recent days Harmonize has sent signals of a new relationship with different women even though he’s yet to settle with one.

Harmonize has been warned by netizens to restrain himself from Alikiba’s girlfriend.

The Konde Gang boss while promoting his new song, Sijalewa posted a Tik Tok video of Alikiba’s girlfriend enjoying it.

The Amelowa singer was completely flustered with the lass that he sought to know who the pretty lady was.

“Nyie mjii una watoto huuu!!!

Naujanja wangu wote ila wengine siwajuwi

Kabisaaa mfano huyu ndio nani tag her for me” he captioned.

Fans Reactions

Following Harmonize’s move, his commentary burst with comments with many warning him to keep off Alikiba’s rib.

Others also found a perfect spot to deliver a few lines from Alikiba’s song with Marioo ‘Sumu’.

In the song, Sumu Alikiba and Marioo affirms that someones wife is a no-go zone.

We sampled a few of them below.

“Mke wa mtu sumu”

“Shemeji yako uyo bro”

“Umeshaanza tajiri acha tamaa”

“We cheza na roha ya king wewe”

“Kwenye jambo la mtu tu tu kaaa mbali”

Alikiba and Barbie Sherry recently sent speculations of a new relationship.

Alikiba showed up during her recent birthday in Zanzibar where they partied on a yacht.

The singer had also sent her birthday wishes through social media.

Harmonize Crazy Moves

Since he parted ways with bongo movie actress Frida Kajala, Harmonize is yet to introduce his new flame.

However, the singer has pulled some crazy moves with different women despite his heart yet to settle.

First came the curvaceous Rwandese, Yolo The Queen whom many thought was warming Harmonize’s bed.

Soon followed another well-endowed Ugandan singer, Laika.

Later it was revealed that the two had a project together and were not romantically involved.

And just the other day while performing in Uganda, Harmonize was thirsting over another bootylicious singer, Winnie Nwagi.


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