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Harmonize’s continues to hint at WCB exit, cools off hate on Ali Kiba!


Harmonize has left most of his fans uncertain as to whether he is still signed under WCB or not.

The other day a spot check on his social media revealed that the singer has edited his bio and removed the “Signed under WCB” tag that all wasafi signees have.

As if that is not enough, the singer has now followed his boss’ arch nemesis Ali Kiba on social media.

The WCB musician seems to be warming up for a friendship with Ali Kiba judging from the recent move on social media.

In April 2018 angered many of Diamond and Kiba’s fans after he snubbed Ali Kiba at video vixen Agnes Masongange’s funeral.

A fan later asked why he ignored Kiba and the singer responded saying that Kiba’s handshake to his boss wasn’t true at all.

“sasa kaka angu kama #Simba na Usimba wake wote kamsalimia kamgeuzia kiganja ningejipeleka mimi si angenipa kisigino cha pale….? Hebu wacheni kunichonganisha na King wa Bongo bana …” he wrote on Instagram