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  • Harrysong has shocked the internet after marrying 30 women in one day.
  • The singer has eclipsed Fela Kuti who married 27 women in one day.
  • Many have since termed the move a publicity stunt.

Afrobeat star Harrysong has shocked the internet after marrying 30 women in one day eclipsing Fela Kuti who married 27 women in a single day.

In videos doing rounds on social media, Harrysong is captured dressed in an African outfit flanked by the adorable 30 women donned in matching traditional attires.

The president of Alter Plate Records has since become the center of attraction with speculation after the other.

Netizens and his fans alike are still grappling with questions over his bold move.

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The development has since created mixed reactions, some have applauded him while others have criticized him wondering how the singer will manage such a ‘larger than life outfit’.

At the moment, Harrysong is being compared to Fela Kuti due to his unconventional lifestyle.

A section has also termed Harrysong’s move a publicity stunt aimed at propelling his musical prospects.

Fela Kuti and his band members performing in a past show PHOTO Courtesy


Why Fela Kuti Married 27 Wives

In 1978, the legendary Fela Kuti married 27 women in one day.

Many of Fela’s band members had become homeless following a soldier attack on Fela’s ‘Kalakuta Republic’.

In order to keep the women together many of whom were his dancers, Fela decided to marry all of them.

Fela proceeded to ask the women for consent by putting their names down on which they all agreed.

He then married all of them in a ceremony that was presided over by 12 Ifa priests.

However, there were allegations that some parents of the women were opposed to the arrangement.

The ceremony was attended by Fela’s families, friends and band members.

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The singer placed naira notes on the foreheads of his new wives and presented them with marriage certificates.

He had a rotation system of 12 wives at a time to enhance equity.

His honeymoon destination was Ghana where he dined and wined with his wives.

However, after his release from prison in 1986, he divorced all of them.

He claimed that it was due to jealousy from their staggering number.

Nonetheless, the women were not evicted from his home with some living with him until his death in 1997.

November 13, 2023

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