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Has Njugush Left Real House Helps Of Kawangware??(Pic)

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1There seems to be a smelling rat in one of Maisha Magic East TV eye-catching drama Soap Opera, The Real House Helps of Kawangware, if anything posted by a Facebook user is to go by.

It is rumored that the show’s script writer,one Abel Mutua “Freddie of Tahidi High”  has already left the show courtesy of indifferences between him and the show’s management- Protel Studios Production.

The rumor further alleges that one Timothy Kimani popular as Njugush is also calling it quits as well.

According to “MO Mohamed”, Njugush is leaving because his mentor, Freddie – who discovered his talent-has left and he will not work with him!!! Mmh…interesting don’t you think?

No official statement has been released regarding this matter and hence should be treated as just a rumor untill the truth unfolds.

However,the rumor has revealed Njugush might leave the show as commenting fans vowed to stop watching the show if Njugush leaves.

Mo Mohamed’s exact caption below;

“Timothy Kimani aka Njuguna  has left the comedy/drama show, THE REAL HOUSEHELPS OF KAWANGWARE.the funny comedian who was main character decided to leave the show after his mentor and scripts writer Abel Mutual, the man who discovered his talent had a disagreement with the management of Protel Studios Production and left. I wish him all the best.
#Team  Njuguna
#We stand with Njugush”.

Below are the fans reactions as  provoked by the ongoing rumor;




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