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  • Reuben went missing around lunch hours
  • The missing child schools at St. Stephens Vietnam Zone

A family in Mkuru Kwa Njenga estate is in distress following the disappearance of their 10-year-old son who went missing while playing outside their house.

Reuben Koskey last seen on hours after stepping outside their house to play with other children after around lunch hours.

When his mother, Elizabeth Karemi saw that it was getting late and the boy who is in Grad 4 had not come back, she stepped outside to call him.

However, she didn’t find Reuben upon inquiring from other children where their colleague was, they hold her that he was playing with them but they didn’t know where he had gone to.

She started a search in neighbour’s houses and nearby streets.

By 10pm, they had not traced the boy and the matter was now gettine family including the father,Arafat Koskey did not sleep but combed the neighbourhoods in search of their only son.

Still there was no trace of the child.

For Arafat and Elizabeth, this seemed like a bad dream which they wished they could wake up from.

The disappearance of their son changed their lives and day to day activities.

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Arafat and Elizabeth has since abandoned her trade and the focus has been searching for their boy.

It is now three days but their efforts have not borne any fruit.

They appealed to anyone with information about their son’s whereabout to reach out for them through 0724811692 or 0724686437

September 20, 2023

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