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Hazard still wishes to play for childhood dream in Real Madrid


Chelsea player Eden Hazard has cast fresh doubts about his future with club by admitting he still wishes to fulfill his childhood dream playing for Real Madrid.

Hazard has said” Real Madrid is the best club in the world. I don’t want to lie today. It is my dream since I was a kid. I was dreaming about this club.”

The player further added that he does not want a fall out with the club like his Belgian counterpart Thibout Courtois who had a falling out with the club at the start of the season when he moved to Real Madrid

I don’t want that,”  “I want what’s good for me, but I want what’s good for the club because the club has given me everything.

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His contract is expected to come to an end in 2020 and only one year remaining in his contract.

“I don’t want to say ‘Yes, I am signing a new contract’ and then in the end I don’t end up signing. So I will see.

“Sometimes in my head, I wake up in the morning and think I want to go. Sometimes I think I want to stay. It is a hard decision. It is my future. I am 27 and I will turn 28 in January.”

Hazard has enjoyed an impressive start these season under the new coach by being 8 goals in 8 games and ensuring Chelsea are at the top sharing points with Man City