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‘He had 7 wives, hired 50 women’ DCI Reveal Lavish Life Of Man Shot In Mirema

Detectives from Directorate of Criminal Investigations have described Samuel Muvota, the man shot dead at Mirema as a hardcore criminal who had been arrested 30 times.

According to the DCI, Muvota led a syndicate of over 50 beautiful women who would spike drinks of revelers at high end bars then steal from them.

In a statement, the DCI stated that Muvota’s targets were mostly top public servants, politicians, businessmen and religious leaders.

“So lucrative was Muvota’s trade that he had recruited over 50 beautiful women into his ‘Pishori’ administering trade, that has led to broken marriages, left many men admitted in hospitals and others dead from an overdose of a stupefying drug only identified as ‘Tamuu’ supposed to be administered to patients suffering from mental disorders,” said the DCI.

After stupefying his targets, Muvota would then take their ATM cards and withdraw all the money.

His illegal activities however did not end in bars alone, the DCI says that he reportedly also worked with bank officials who would help him drain the accounts of the victims.

“According to Economic Crimes detectives who have previously handled his cases, Muvota was arrested for over 30 times in the past 11 years on fraud related charges and had been in and out of almost all the courts in the city and in Kiambu County. On most occasions, he would approach the complainants with a refund for their money and the cases would collapse,” said the DCI.

“He was widely known by cyber security specialists in the banking sector for the many times he fraudulently accessed clients’ accounts at city ATM’s sweeping the accounts clean. Detectives believe that the thug worked with crooked banking officials who assisted him clean up accounts in a matter of minutes. He particularly had a preference for Co-operative bank ATMs. The slippery thug also had connections at several police stations and whenever detectives launched a manhunt for him, he would be tipped off in time.”

The DCI says that it is these illegal activities that funded the lavish lifestyle that saw him have seven wives, a fleet of vehicles and real estate properties scattered across Nairobi.

“Detectives suspect that one of the women he had employed or an accomplice must have given him in to criminals after a deal gone sour.”

Some of his actions led to broken homes and even death of some of the victims.