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Professor George Magoha’s friend Walter Mwanda has revealed his last moments before he died.

Professor Mwanda in a media briefing stated that Magoha had made peace with himself and he knew that he was going to die.

“He had a premonition and told his wife, I suppose you will get it from her, that his time had come and he was happy that everything was done,” said Prof Mwanda.

Prof Mwanda says that he had even called his son and his daughter in law in his house.

“He was at home. You may know that he was making arrangements for the burial of his brother, whose body, I think, must have arrived today also from the US,” he said.

According to Mwanda, Magoha’s wife called him on Tuesday at around 3 pm.

“I was at KNH. After I had left the hospital she called again and asked if I had a blood pressure machine, I went back and got it.

“At his house, I was left with the attendants. I found him seated on his chair, he even greater me and told me ‘you have come'” narrated Mwanda.

Mwanda said that they then set off for a journey to Nairobi Hospital. On the way he collapsed and his son who is also a medical doctor resuscitated him.

“Just before we got to the hospital, like 100 meters away, he collapsed again they tried to resuscitate him but he did not wake up.”

Magoha leaves behind a wife Barbara Magoha and son Michael Magoha.


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