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He will never marry you if he behaves like this!!!

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By Elishifa Wangeshi

 (You are just his ‘’maybe girl.)

It is every girl’s dream to walk down the aisle ,it comes along with a sign of accomplishment and a feel of ’’standard’’ when  he proves  to the whole world that he chose you.

I have an issue with girls who are in their 10th year of dating, Honestly 10years??  It beats every logic why a guy would take all this time without even proposing ? These might be some of the reasons why he is not getting on one knee;

1.He is never interested in meeting your family

If a guy is really planning to marry you he would at least be interested to meet your friends and family,if he has never shown interest girl just call it quits .

2 All his exes are Nuts

Any time you ask him about his past relationships  he keeps saying all the women he has been with are crazy. Maybe they all wanted something more than just dating and since he wasn’t ready they called it quits .

3.He raises excuses every time

When you raise the topic of marriage this guy always brings up excuse after excuse .  ‘I have a new job i need to adjust’ and a million more answers. If a guy really wants to marry you he will work upon eliminating all the obstacles.

  1. He never fixes you in his future plans

If he never plans atleast trips together or do things together then it means he never predicts a future with him . If he really plans on marrying you He would atleast plan trips together or maybe suggest you move in.



  1. He keeps pushing the wedding further

Maybe he proposed, but everytime you ask about the marriage he keeps pushing it further .  Thats enough reason He will never marry you . Maybe he proposed to shut you up, so kindly give him back the ring.

Now you know , if he shows these signs kindly talk about it with him all better of walk out of that relationship ,because chances are its heading nowhere.


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