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Headmaster Asks parents to test their children for Pregnancy


Student’s stay at home for the last couple of months have been rocked with alarming statistics of early childhood pregnancies.

As grade four, eight and form four students reported back to school on 12th October, some schools have opted for different measures to confirm that their students were not affected.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news, Ayany Primary School Headmaster Jackson Ndambuki said he has asked parents to test their children.

Ndambuki said the school held a meeting mid last week and one of the issues highlighted was that of early pregnancies.

“We have not had any incident of early pregnancies. We however held a meeting with parents and asked them to take the initiative to test their children and it is only then that we will have the data and see a way to move forward with affected learners,” he said

He further added that the school has had a good turnout of students and only a handful are yet to report back.

According to Ndambuki the school is in the process of following up with parents to find out why the learners did not report back.

“There are just a few students in both grade four and class eight who did not report back and we are still following up to find out the challenges they faced that made them not to report back,” he added

The school has had to add an additional ten streams to accommodate the students in line with social distancing.

The grade four which had a total of four streams now has seven while grade eight which had five now has ten streams.