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Health Crisis Looms As Nairobi Health Workers Threaten to Down Tools


Health Workers Unions have given Nairobi Metropolitan Services 5 days to implement their return to work agreement that was reached on September 18th 2020 failure to which they will paralyze health services.

The unions wrote to NMS boss Major Mohammed Badi in a letter dated 8th February demanding full implementation of the agreement to avert the looming crisis.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Kenya National Union of Nurses Nairobi branch secretary Boaz Onchari says out of five demands only one has been met.

“We signed an agreement on 18th of Sep 2020 we signed an agreement with NMS based on the strike that we had. The issues included: medical cover, promotions, resignations, stagnations and late payment of salaries. Medical cover has been tackled partly because we still have challenges with it. All the other issues we listed have not been honored. In our secondment letters it has been indicated clearly that we have been seconded to NMS for 24 months which is set to expire around March.’’Onchari told Ghetto Radio News.


‘‘So we do not know the fate of NMS, we do not know our fate, the agreement has not been honored. That is why when we as the health workers representatives met yesterday, we did a reminder to the Major General Badi to make sure that the agreement we made on the 18th of September 2022 has been honored failure to which after the elapse of 5 days that is the 14th of February then we will again meet and decide which way to go,’’ he said.

They demand promotion, issue of designation addressed, health cover among other human resource issues.

They further blamed   Nairobi Metropolitan Services health director Ouma Oluga for not giving them audience despite several attempts.

‘‘Our colleagues who remained at the county government have been promoted and the used our agreement with NMS. So if we are taken back to the county, our colleagues that we were on the same job group will be two or three job groups higher than were we are. That is why we are reminding General Badi and his team to ensure that our agreement is honored should be that NMS term expire,’’ he added.

By Allan Otieno